We are waiting for you at the Biopapa shop in Klaipėdos g. 3, Vilnius!
Bring your own containers and we apply a 5% discount!
We apply discounts for purchases of €50 or more.
10% of the profits go to the Sengirė Foundation.


Plant-based superfood (89)

Organic nuts and seeds (48)

Organic dried fruits and berries (30)

Organic spices (57)

Organic grains and legumes (36)

Organic flour (22)

Pasta (5)

Organic oil, vinegar and sauces (41)

Tea, coffee, cocoa (54)

Sweeteners and salt (16)

Gift vouchers (1)

Snacks (66)

Fruits and vegetables (16)

Containers, thermoses (21)

Books and magazines (1)